This is an experimental developer cloud for indie game devs.

What this cloud is for

  • Developers of desktop games and applications.
  • Internal testing of games and apps.
  • Small and medium game and app developers.


Private game build distribution

Distribute pre-release game build to your testers privately


Have multiple independent version histories for game builds


Support several OSes or build types by uploading multiple binaries per version

Planned Features

Local app

Local app will integrate with the web-based interface for more efficient downloads and uploads of game builds.

Binary patches

Smaller update sizes for quicker switching between build versions. Will require local app.

Effortless deploy to distribution platforms

Deploy tested game builds straight from the cloud to end-user platforms such as Steam and

Smoke tests in the cloud

Automatic tests for common packaging mistakes before releasing build to public.


At the moment only free plan is available. See the Pricing page for limitations.


Please see Frequently Asked Questions.


Omelette.Cloud is developed by Alexander Bich at Kavykhi.

Floating cogs background pattern from Hero Patterns is used according to CC BY 4.0.